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At VAMNation, we select artists who exhibit exceptional talent while maintaining a defined individuality.

With an ability to capture the style and essence of acclaimed musical acts who set trends and smash chart records, our SINGERS record high-profile, globally broadcast commercials for the most prominent international companies. Their unique energy and skill are what separate them from the commercial music pack.

VAMNation's roster of ACTORS regularly appear in acclaimed motion pictures, vibrant tourist-attracting Broadway musicals, original theatre productions, and on popular television programs. Beyond stage and screen, our actors frequently dazzle the airwaves in radio commercials and various on-and-off camera television advertisements.

See why we're the best at what we do

"A word from a fan"
If someone needs a slam dunk final, whether it's an out of the box
a risk taking ....
or a nation sweeping anthem, they call Val. If they need a singer
at three in the morning, they will call Val.
Everyone has for years now more than ever, when there's
not much room for error. She has become a bedrock in what is a rather unpredictable
environment in our industry.

She knows singers like no other,
and has an intuition
that is unmatched. Her door is pawed by everyone who wants to sing for their
supper, and she has been ruthless in selection of singers - she has cream of the crop.

Vamnation spans the globe...sessions are done in person and via internet...

....yet it remains a boutique company, where quality
over quantity is paramount.

It's a feisty toe tapping company that is shape shifting
as the times are... but whose roots are steadfastly old school, (from the halls of Juilliard hahee)

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