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At VAM Nation Entertainment, discovering talent and fostering the careers of uniquely gifted individuals is a dynamic enterprise. VAM Nation's savvy stems directly from a keen understanding of the many facets of the industry gleaned through personal experience and proven professional success. It's the amalgamation of her experience in performance, advertising, and the music business, that allow VAM Nation Entertainment to identify and cultivate the most elite talent in the entertainment industry.

With her diverse experience as both a talent manager and a performer, Valerie Wilson Morris knows how to connect with her clients beyond the business side of 'the biz.' Even before graduating The Juilliard School with both Bachelor's and Master's degrees, she performed two solo concerts at Lincoln Center. Valerie sang on Pink Floyd's hit record, The Wall, and also contracted a group of opera singers to join her in singing the album cut entitled, 'Bring The Boys Back Home.' That contract served as her entrée into the business end of the performing arts.

With an inherent musical talent, (She was described by early teachers as a 'natural.') Valerie sang at every opportunity as a child. Her first piano teacher even predicted that she'd excel at Juilliard years before she was old enough to apply. Upon graduating, her career skyrocketed to include singing the opening numbers at Avery Fischer Hall during a celebrity benefit hosted by Bob Hope, performing the National Anthem at a Radio City Hall gala, a stint as a member of the star-studded Comic Relief cast, appearing on Saturday Night Live with Buster Poindexter and Chrissy Hynde of The Pretenders, recording humorous mock commercials for Saturday Night Live. Her business and commercial career also grew as she cast and choreographed a trio of singers who appeared in the Johnny Depp and Al Pacino film Donnie Brasco, and sang commercial duets with Mark Cohn, Luther Vandross, Michael Bolton, and Mr. Mister's lead singer, Richard Page, among others. But conquering stage and screen was only the beginning. While in New York, she quickly became lauded as one of the top session singers in New York City, which led to her often being called upon by producers to lead them to the most appropriate and skilled singers for their jingles. It was then that she realized she was developing into more than just a stage performer; she was on her way to becoming an entertainment authority.

Over the past twenty years as a manager of performers and accidental CEO of her own company, Valerie has maintained a dogged love of the performing arts that translates into wholly satisfied clients. In 1992, at the height of her singing career, she found herself swamped with calls from producers looking for talent, so she hired someone to handle the phone. She didn't realize it, but that was the birth of VAMNation Entertainment. Years later, while she worked as music manager for Heroes star Hayden Panettiere, Valerie learned the ins-and-outs of another side of the industry, acting. It was then that she launched VAMNation Entertainment's Acting Division. It has been two decades at the helm of VAMNation, but at her heart Valerie is still the Juilliard-trained sight-reader, vocal arranger, and multi-genre artist, and it's that love of her craft that truly allows her to connect with those that she represents.

As a child, Josh Taylor moved around the country as often as most kids rode bikes. Relocating so frequently led to him perpetually being the new kid, a role that required constant personal reinvention. Josh put these identity-adapting skills to good use by becoming a part of the drama department way before Glee made it cool.

As a grown-up, Josh embarked on his entertainment career by working in development at Dustin Hoffman's Punch Productions in New York, where he worked on such films as Wag the Dog and A Walk on the Moon. Following Punch, Josh became the new kid at William Morris Endeavor, where he was instrumental in developing and selling a variety of projects to producers and directors.

After four years at WME, Josh graduated to his pursuit in talent management. While working at a bicoastal management company, he built up his well-earned reputation as a tirelessly dedicated and hands-on manager with an understanding of the trials and triumphs of his talent. He's thrilled to bring his expertise to VAMNation Entertainment, where he finally feels like he's sitting at the cool kids table.

Michael Cupo bridges the gap between the business and creative sides of the entertainment and advertising industries. He uses his 18+ years of experience as a performer (piano, guitar, alto saxophone) to facilitate efficient communication between artists and producers. Cupo earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business and Audio Engineering Technology from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. His hands-on professional experience began in Music City through a publicity and digital marketing internship for Greener Music, which led to an internship opportunity at Foundations Artist Management in NYC, and ultimately a position at Razor & Tie NY in the digital marketing and public relations departments. Cupo started at Vamnation in 2012, and since has booked on-camera and off-camera talent on commercials, feature films, TV shows, and video games. With a forte in off-camera talent for advertising, he’s contributed to hundreds of national and global campaigns, including commercials for McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Apple, Google, Toyota, Adidas, Walgreens, and Hershey’s.

Janine Terezakis brings a wealth of business and finance knowledge to the Vamnation team. In addition to holding positions at American Express and Chase Bank, Janine has been a licensed real estate broker for over 25 years. Having owned both a card store and clothing store, Janine constantly gets contracted as a consultant and accountant for various industries. To this day Josh and Michael are bewildered about the frequent invites Janine gets to high-society events.